You can help!


    As I travel around the country presenting at conferences and providing staff development, I am often asked if there is any way that people can help me with the work at the Center for Alternative Learning.  

The Center is a non-profit corporation with 501c3 IRS status.  It operates with funds from a number of sources:  grants, contracts, and donations.  The Center is housed at the office of Learning disAbilities Resources where the staff uses LDR's facilities, equipment, and resources.  The Center has a small staff and a group of dedicated volunteers.  Since there never is enough time to get everything done, some projects go unfinished or take much longer than expected to complete.  For example, the Mnemonic Clue of the Month, has not gone out for a few months because there are a number of steps that need to be completed to get it out.    

There are a number of ways you can help.  

1)  During the holiday season, consider making a donation to the work of the Center.  We operate on a shoestring and never have enough money to offer all the services we would like or embark on new projects.  Although we receive funds to provide literacy services, the amount of the grants are small and since we serve individuals who learning problems, they need more instruction than what the grants provide.  Checks can be sent to:  Center for Alternative Learning, 6 E. Eagle Rd. Havertown, PA  19083.  

2)  We are looking for teachers, graduate students, and researchers who would like to experiment with the materials that I have developed.  If you are interested in such a project, large or small, please contact me.  If you know anyone who would consider such a project, please provide me with their name and contact information so that I can explore this project with that person.  

3)  Encourage friends and colleagues to visit the website.

4)  Since more than half of the funds for the Center come from the professional development that I conduct throughout the country, you can help by connecting  me with individuals or groups that would benefit from the training I offer.   

5)  Take our Mnemonic Clue of the Month group e-mail lists and check to find out which are valid addresses and whether the person still wants to be on the list.  I have many old messages stating that the message was undelivered.  I don't know what to do about it.  

6)  Sign up and take the online course, Characteristics of Learning Differences.  Tell me how long it took you to complete the course and provide me with feedback on how to improve the course

7)  Provide me with help in designing the new web site for the Center:

8)  Make suggestions about how you can help.  We are always looking for good ideas.  

9)  Check this page periodically, for additional opportunities to help the staff of the Center to fulfill its mission.

If you are interested in helping or would like to discuss ideas, email me at or call me at the office at 610-446-6126.

Thank You

Richard Cooper