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On the  following page we will post the comments that we receive about test anxiety and the new publication by Dr. Richard Cooper and Carole Champlin.  Please send you comments to: rcooper-ldr@comcast.net.  


Dr. Cooper,

I realized after I spoke with you on Wednesday that I had used some of the things from the book with two students who were about to take the GED again.  I did the memory path exercise with one of them, asking her to take herself back to sitting in my classroom and doing some of the math we had done.  She passed the GED.  I had another student try and do some positive self talk (which I’ve used in the past to much delight) and had her look at the list of nervous behaviors to see if she saw anything she did on there.  She still hasn’t passed, but it’s a start in the right direction regarding her self esteem.

 Just wanted to make it clear that the information was helpful…I guess I just wasn’t remembering well on the spot!

Thanks for coming to Monroeville,

Dave Schewe,  GED/ABE teacher Forbes Road Downtown. Pittsburgh, PA


11/14/2008        A nursing student who I am helping deal with test anxiety stated that she was surprised to find out how far back in her education test and performance anxiety were issues.  She said the the exercises in the Test Anxiety: Student Manual enabled her to recognize that the severe test anxiety she experiences now is related to what she experienced in elementary school.  Her favorite relaxation activity is Breathing In A Square.                                  Richard Cooper