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The trainings listed in this section have been developed specifically for human resource, employers and business people.  Dr. Cooper has worked with many employers in placing individuals with learning disabilities, problems and differences in appropriate jobs.   

HR-300 Characteristics of Learning Differences: This training session designed for employers and supervisors and details how individuals with learning differences, problems and disabilities think and learn.  The behavioral manifestation of the characteristics of perception, processing and communication problems are outlined and illustrated.  Visual, auditory and motor skills problems are described along with problems with reversals, attention, organization and sequencing.  This is the most popular of Dr. Cooper's training sessions and provides the basis for adapting instruction to meet individual needs.

HR-305 Learning Differences in the Workplace: Since learning problems limit the acquisition of basic academic and social skills, adult educators need to understand how learning differences manifest themselves in the workplace.  This presentation will provide adult educators and industry trainers with an understanding of the problems that individuals with learning differences encounter in the workplace.  The presenter will discuss case studies of workers in a variety of jobs and describe the techniques that helped those workers cope with various situations.  Participants will gain an understanding of how the perception, processing and communication characteristics of learning problems affect individuals on the job.  The participants will also learn how to prepare adults with learning problems for the workplace.  Examples of alternative instructional techniques, remediation, and accommodations will be provided.  Some time will be allotted for questions and answers. 

HR-310 Learning Differences in Workplace Education: This presentation is specifically designed to meet the needs of adult educators providing instruction to workers.  The presenter will provide a brief description of how the major learning differences interfere with the acquisition of basic academic skills and employment training.  This will be followed by demonstrations of alternative instructional techniques that can be used to help workers compensate for their learning differences.  In addition to instructional techniques, the presentation will include a discussion about accommodations, both in the classroom and in the workplace, for individuals with significant learning problems.  Some time will be spent discussing how to explain learning differences and their implications to students and employers.  Participants will have ample time to ask questions about individual students or particular situations

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