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Alternative Math Techniques: When Nothing Else Seems to Work

By Richard Cooper, Ph.D.             




Published by Sopris West Educational Services, Longmont, Colorado

    This 128 page book details techniques for teaching math to children who learn differently or those who have weak math skills.  It comes with a CD that contains 194 of reproducible assignment pages providing practice of each of the techniques described in the book. 

Available from Learning disAbilities Resources or from Sopris West Educational Services

Cost $39.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling

You can purchase the book by calling 1-800-869-8336.  If you get the answering machine, we will call you back as soon as possible (it may be the next day because of the time of the day).  We can take you credit card information (Visa or Master Card) over the phone and ship the book the same or the next day. 

We also accept purchase orders.  They can be faxed to 610-446-6129 or mailed to LDR, 6 E. Eagle Rd., Havertown, PA  19083.

In-Service Training

    Dr. Richard Cooper is available to conduct in-service trainings on Alternative Math Techniques for elementary and secondary teachers.  He can customize training to fit the time period from one hour to 15 hours.  Short sessions (1 to 3 hours)  provides an overview of Alternative Math Techniques, while longer sessions provide teachers with the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques for helping students with weak math skills.  To discuss scheduling, costs and training session content, please contact Dr. Cooper at the number listed above. 


Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Getting at the Roots of Math Problems 

        Symptoms of Math Problems

        Roots of Math Problems

        A Postscript About Labels

Chapter 2  Remediations, Adaptations and Accommodations

        Auditory Perception and Processing




        Racing Mind


        Right/Left Discrimination


        Visual Perception and Processing

        Using Calculators

Chapter 3  Helping Students Learn Number Facts

        The Hierarchy of Number Fact Skills

        Helping Students Move Up the Hierarchy

Chapter 4  Teaching Basic Concepts



        Math Language



        Odd and Even Numbers

        Place Values and Large Numbers


        Symbols (Mathematical)

        Telling Time

        Word Problems

Chapter 5  Teaching Addition

        Number Patterns

        Numbers in Numbers

        Addition Patterns

        Number Key Patterns

        More Number Fact Patterns

        Reinforcing Number Facts

        Adding Columns of Numbers

        Addressing Problems with Carrying

Chapter 6  Teaching Subtraction

        Reverse Addition

        Subtraction Patterns

        Subtracting by Adding

        Subtracting from the Borrowed 10

        Eliminating Borrowing

        Subtracting Without Borrowing

        Breaking Apart Multidigit Numbers

Chapter 7  Teaching Multiplication

        Multiplication as Shortcut

        Mnemonic Clues for Multiplying

        Number Patterns


        Multiple-Step Operations


Chapter 8  Teaching Division

Chapter 9  Fractions, Decimals, Percentages




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